Joseph B Stahl Memorial Post 30

Ground breaking ceremony at Wilson field on March 12, 2014

From left, Christian Losito (EDIS); Frank Clymer, post commander; Daniel Dellinger, national commander;

John Endres, state commmander; and James Brady past state commander. More photos in photo gallery.

New Post Home Update

 October 5, 2012


In the middle of September, Mr. Lober of Apex Engineering submitted our proposal for our new building to New Castle County. Last week Mr. Lober informed me that the sign for a “minor land development” was erected at the site. This is one step closer to our new post home. Stay tuned.



 We voted last night, March 13,2012 to proceed with the engineering.
March 21, 2012, papers were signed to start the engineering on the new building.

Standing L to R Joe Wagele, Dan McAvaney,Ted Christopher, Harrold West, Bob Anderson, Brian Honeycutt, Frank Clymer, Don Homsey Arch. Trudy Mangini.

Sitting: Stan Lawruk, Hap Cannon, Pat Ramone Sr., Nancy Clymer, Lori McAvaney.


Signing of the final engineering and desing work. This signing will allow work to begin. 

Wilson Field:  Shaded aera in center field is where New Post Home will be, white area for parking.


Click on the /files/Stahl_Post_30_5-10-13_-_PLAN.pdf and view the layout.

More information will be posted as progress is being made

More pictures of signing are on photo gallery page.

Click for Drawings:/files/Post_home_2-11-13_Schematic-Elevations_1B.pdf




Post Home Photos


March 2020

Today the Building Committee had a conference with our lawyer Michael Scali in preparation of his meeting with Wilmington and NCC. He wanted us to take some steps to correct what we have the ability to concerning the underground contamination. We have already taken steps suggested by the Ten Bears Engineering firm, and will have them come in to take another air sampling test to see what effect our actions have on the contaminant level. These improvements seek to restrict outside air from entering the building from the alley between us and the dry cleaners building, which is already an acceptable level for the state standards. We are trying to actually gain a better level then even over acceptable. It could take the state another month to issue formal opinions on this issue, and our lawyer plans to urge Wilmington to accept the state's opinion at the meeting, and schedule to settlement based on NCC's findings. After this whole ordeal is finished, I should be eligible for a commendation for patience. If received, I will bestow that to our members




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