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3 East Jackson Ave., New Castle, Delaware

Joseph B Stahl Memorial Post 30




    Volunteers from Stahl Post 30 Wanted

Volunteers are needed at the Wilmington VA Medical Center.

If you are interested in helping, contact

Patricia Caldwell
Wilmington VAMC
302-994-2511 Ext. 4545



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Airman's Attic


The Airmans Attic items benefit all Del National Guard members. Anyone can donate clothes or house hold items to the Airmans Attic. Drop off location is at the American Legion Stahl Post 30.

They accept small working appliances like microwaves, coffee makers and blenders. They also accept plates, silverware, glasses, mugs, dish towels, towels, bedding and other household goods.

New Castle District Membership revitalization.



            Joe Waegele, Master of Ceremony , Stahl Post 30 Ground breaking.

Ground breaking ceremony at Wilson field on March 12, 2014

From left, Christian Losito (EDIS); Frank Clymer, post commander; Daniel Dellinger, national commander;

John Endres, state commmander; and James Brady past state commander. More photos in photo gallery.


Notes from the Commander

 It's here again; Spring has sprung as the months pass us by. We've been busy recently, hosting a luncheon for Mike Helm, the National Commander 2015. This was followed by the banquet at Fox Post in his honor which we sent nine delegates to represent Stahl. Quite an evening to put it mildly. A cleaning of the bar and hall preceded his visit, and I want to thank the members who volunteered their time and energy so that we can all enjoy the results of their efforts. We cleaned from the carpets to the ceiling tiles, and everything in between. This job was accomplished over several days, and the results are possible only because of the work of these volunteers. This month we also had a membership “Revitalization Drive" organized by the National Commander. I honestly did not have high expectations for its success going into it, but accepted the challenge to host it at Stahl. Attending were a National Vice Commander Doug Hagan, his wife Helga Hagan, Michelle Stienberker who organized our efforts, Commander Bob Michaels, Vice Commander Jim Gallagher, Department Commander MaryAnna Moderhak, and participants from four other post. We were given a goal of forty transfers and told we would likely surpass and possibly triple that. I was pleasantly surprised that we did, getting one hundred fifteen recorded transfers for the New Castle District, forty six of those into Stahl Post. This can still increase because we can now follow up with more phone calls and house visits to contact more Legion members from the same list. Harold West and I will be expanding this effort. Again, thank you to all who participated- it would not have been successful without your efforts and the guidance provided by the organizers. The Board of Managers, which I was appointed Chair of some time ago, has been appointed. I previously carried the responsibility of the Board's role, with the intention of reestablishing the Board to operate the canteen. Other parts of the Post responsibilities took precedence, but I finally had the opportunity to appoint and meet with the members I chose to sit on the Board of Managers. They will make the decisions required to run all phases of the operation of the Canteen and Hall, as the Board of Managers has done in the past. I will adjust the members of the Board as time requirements and success dictate the need to. These appointees are: Joe Waegele –Legion Bob Anderson- SAL Lori McAvaney-Auxilary John Oniel-2nd Vice Rob Lawruk- Liquor Manager I met with them, and a price increase of $.25 cents was approved for all drinks effective April 15th. We have talked about the need for this before, as our last price increase was in 2009. Our prices will still be low compared to other local establishments. No major advances have been realized in our negotiations with Price Toyota or Wilmington University. Price sent us a letter wanting to pay $16,000 for their portion of the water supply as per the lease, which we responded that if the lease controls then there are two items of that lease they have not met their responsibility to. The intent here is to get them to increase their payment to somewhere around $25,000, and to resolve this five year old issue. Hurry up and wait- you military types understand that concept. Wilmington University will require us to get another meeting with Dr. Varcelona to advance further in the opinion of the Building Committee. It will be done. Election time is upon us again. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the officers for the efforts they have put into helping me and the Post this year. I am only as effective as they help me to be. All these officers rely on the support of the members who volunteer their time and efforts, of which there are many. These are volunteers, and have given an extraordinary amount of personal time and effort to effectively operate this Post. Their personal sacrifices are many, and extend into their family's lives as well. Their spouses and families also deserve our gratitude. I have a deep appreciation for those who have done this over the years so that I and others have a Legion Post to belong to. This is a tremendous organization that will continue to prosper because of the positive contributions of its members. I am extremely proud to be a part of this group effort. The Post was presented with a new information TV from the SAL and Auxiliary members. At the Post Birthday/ St. Patty's dinner, a $500.00 donation from each group was also presented to the Post. This was put into the Legion account for future use, probably a community service such as the William Penn JROTC Outstanding Cadet Award we will present in June. We will also present awards there on April 16th for Outstanding Military and Scholastic Accomplishments. These are our efforts to promote Americanism within our community Time to stop this typing...I'll let someone else have some space in the newsletter! Thanks Sallie and Charlie... --

Vic Callahan Post Commander 








HIRE A VET!!!!!!!!

Attention all members, the new key cards are available, come to the Post, pay your dues (if you have not done so) and get your new card.

Since our charter in 1950, our American Legion Post has been welcoming VETERANS from all branches of our Armed Forces. Today, we continue to welcome all military personnel serving our country. Joining our Post enables you to continue serving your God, Country and Community. Our mission is to implement the goals, aspirations, dreams, peace and blessings for our country, friends and families embodied in our preamble below.

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