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3 East Jackson Ave., New Castle, Delaware

Joseph B Stahl Memorial Post 30

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It is election time again and the following have been placed in nomination. A special meeting will be held on April 22, 2014, for another opportunity to  nominate anyone from the floor.   

Stahl Post 30, Slate of Officers Recommended by Nomination committee and from the floor for the Year 2015.

April 1, 2014

Past Commander--------------Frank Clymer

Commander------------------ Victor Callahan

1 st Vice Commander--------Harold West

2nd Vice Commander------- Raymond Biliski  -  John O’Neil

Finance Officer-------------Jose Cruz

 Chaplain--------------------- Denise Erbal 

Historian---------------------Charles Panichelli

Sgt at Arms------------------ Maurice Williams  

2 Year Exec. Comm.-------Ted Christopher  

4 Year Exec. Comm.-------David Reed       -      Ted Christopher

Any of the above nominees who would like to post a Bio and reason why they would like to be voted into office, feel free to send the information to me at, and I will gladly post it.


Nomination Committee

Chair, Stan Lawruk
Harold West
George Eaton
Dave Reed

Joe Waegele


Bio for Denise (nominated Chaplain)
US Navy Active duty service dates:  1973 to 1998
Stahl Post member since 2011
I was born in Philadelphia, PA on July 2, 1954. My Father was a Korea and WWII veteran and once he and my Mother moved to Florida (mid 80s) he joined the local honor guard and up until his death in 2003 you could catch him just about every day at Bushnell National Cemetery. These 70 to 90 year old veterans would hold military funeral honors, in the heat, rain and humidity at 1 to 9 funerals a day. When I visited I tagged along and watched them many times and when my Father passed away I too donned my dress blues, accompanied the honor guard, folded the flag and presented it to my Mother. He was all Irish so we sent him off in a green coffin with the bagpiper playing in the background along with the three volley shots. During his last days, while in a hospice that coincidentally displayed a nautical lighthouse, I held his hand every night and reminisced about our lives and his military service. It was a one-way conversation but I know he heard me and knew how proud I was of him. He told many stories, some more than once, but I was always intrigued and to this day I still enjoy the stories but now I'm hearing them from Veterans at the Wilmington VA Medical Center where I humbly volunteer.
You may say I've been 'in uniform' most of my life between 12 years of Catholic school and 25 years in the Navy. I was stationed on 4 ships, none of which had a Chaplain, so it was up to the crew to hold their own services. I usually took my keyboard on deployments so we'd at least be able to sing in key and I took a certified course, through the Navy Chaplains in San Diego, that allowed me to carry, and dispense, Holy Communion hosts to the Catholic community. 
I am very active at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Bear. My main ministry is St. Vincent DePaul where we work with OUTREACH and assist people with money, food, clothing, furniture etc.  I'm also fond of dogs which led me to volunteer service at Faithful Friends. I'm an active member of Disabled American Veterans Chapter 3, Fleet Reserve Association Branch 309 and Navy Waves National First State Unit 10 military organizations.
At age 50 I married an amazing man. A Vietnam Army Veteran and someone who seemed to possess all the qualities I found in my Dad. Our only feuds were on game days, Army vs Navy and Redskins vs Eagles. We moved from Charlotte, NC to Delaware in 2008 and rented in Magnolia until we purchased our new home in February 2009. A few months later we were told my husband had Pulmonary Fibrosis with a 2 to 5 year life window. For 2 years it was just us. We never had the opportunity to go out and make new friends. I only left the house to attend Church, buy groceries or pick up prescriptions but, in a heartbeat I'd gladly do it all over again. I took my husband to every hospital possible, including John Hopkins, Mount Sanai and the VA Medical Center (assuming his lung disease was associated with Agent Orange) hoping someone could cure him. In the end, after a week vigil similar to my Dad's, my husband, and best friend, passed away March 2011 at age 66.
 After losing my two 'best guys' I wondered why God was punishing me but now I realize it's all about the way we live our lives for our short time here on earth. Holding onto faith has been a struggle, but to live without it is unthinkable. Within a few months I just threw myself out there and am lucky to have made many wonderful friends through Church, volunteer opportunities and military organizations. I actually met Nancy & Frank Clymer while I was out dancing. They seemed so genuine, funny and caring and after visiting a number of other Legion Posts I knew in my heart that Stahl was the place for me! Now each day I thank God for all he's given me and do my best to help others.
As a caring and spiritual person I feel I'm a good candidate for Chaplain. If you feel the same go ahead and vote for me. If you don't just remember God will punish you!  (did I tell ya I have a sense of humor too)!!  *:D big grin
If you'd care to know anything else about me you can e:mail me at
Denise P. A. Erbal
RMC (USN Ret.)


            Joe Waegele, Master of Ceremony , Stahl Post 30 Ground breaking.

Ground breaking ceremony at Wilson field on March 12, 2014

From left, Christian Losito (EDIS); Frank Clymer, post commander; Daniel Dellinger, national commander;

John Endres, state commmander; and James Brady past state commander. More photos in photo gallery.












Notes from the Commander

Spring is here and we are busy on a variety of fronts.

First and foremost, an update on our building plans. On Wednesday, March 12, 2014, in conjunction with the visit of the AL National Commander Daniel Dellinger of Virginia, we held a groundbreaking ceremony at Wilson Filed, home of the new post home. Pictures are on our website: and our Facebook page. I want to thank WDEL and the News-Journal for their positive coverage of the event

We were very lucky to be introduced to Andy DiSabatino, CEO of EDIS by Harold West. Andy was instrumental in helping us with the set-up of the groundbreaking. Andy has very graciously offered to help us with our building. Being one of the top construction managers in the region, they will help us garner bids from different sub-contractors and develop construction schedules. This will take enormous pressure off our shoulders and make the building progress flow very smoothly.

 I would also like to thank Frank Claycomb, Ted Christopher, “Mo” Williams and Eli Danucalov for their work doing all the “grunt work” setting up the site for the groundbreaking. Also, thanks to Joe Waegele, our Adjutant, for his work coordinating all parts of the ceremony and acting as Master of Ceremonies.

We had a construction meeting on March 20th with our engineers and architects to finalize our prints so they can be sent out for bids. Also, we sent monies to the state and county to move forward with the permits for the building. 

I have been often asked when we will start the building and I have tried to be positive, but seriously, right now there are any number of tasks that have to be completed, most of, I am not yet aware , to get to that point and I will do everything I can to keep the process moving. Keep your collective fingers crossed that we might be starting this fall.

Our baseball team will be starting soon. If there are any young men 15-18 who would like to play for Stahl Post and live basically in the New Castle area, call the post and leave their name and someone will contact them.

Congratulations to Sylvia Abney of Philadelphia, who won the cruise to Bermuda with the “Stahl Post Cruisers.” The ticket was sold by Bridgett Biliski, one of our top sellers for all our fundraisers. Bridgett is second only to Ted Christopher in sales. Ted can always coerce a $10 bill out of our friends at St. Anthony’s and St. Gabe’s Italian Social clubs for our fundraisers. Thanks to him for his work in these endeavors.

The Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching. As is our practice, Stahl Post will distribute flags for veteran’s graves at Gracelawn cemetery on May 24-25,10am until 2pm. Also, on the traditional Memorial Day on May 30, Stahl will have a luncheon after the Bridge ceremony. All are welcome at both events.

The flyer in the newsletter is from WU saluting our WWII vets at two events, one in New Castle and one in Georgetown. Please be advised that all are welcome. Please follow directions on the flyer if you plan to attend.

I know some probably might tire of hearing this, but Stahl Post will not prosper without help from all our members in the post, unit and squadron. There is always something going on that someone might want to become involved. If you have ideas, bring them to the meeting of your group and we can get them instituted. No idea is a bad one. 

Remember: We are all in this together




The Easter Egg hunt will be held on Saturday April 12, 3014 at Wilson Field. The hunt will start at noon. Remind your children to bring a basket to collect the eggs. There will be a signup sheet at the post for all children and grand-children 10 years old and younger. There will be refreshments for all in attendance. Rain date is Saturday, April 19, 2014. Hope to see everyone at Wilson Field.

A special thank you to all the auxiliary members for everything they do for the post, members and community. GREAT JOB. 














HIRE A VET!!!!!!!!

Attention all members, the new key cards are available, come to the Post, pay your dues (if you have not done so) and get your new card.

Since our charter in 1950, our American Legion Post has been welcoming VETERANS from all branches of our Armed Forces. Today, we continue to welcome all military personnel serving our country. Joining our Post enables you to continue serving your God, Country and Community. Our mission is to implement the goals, aspirations, dreams, peace and blessings for our country, friends and families embodied in our preamble below.

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